Monday, September 15, 2008

Genre 1- The Art of Eric Carle

(1) Bibliography
Carle, Eric, et al. 1996. THE ART OF ERIC CARLE. Ill. by Eric Carle. New York: Penguin Group Incorporated. ISBN 0763625973


(2) Plot Summary
This title is a medley of stories and pictures exploring the art and works of Eric Carle. Mr. Carle discusses his life growing up and now it later influenced his art. His colleagues also share their memories and thoughts about the author/illustrator. A speech, Where Do Ideas Come From, given by Eric Carle at the Library of Congress is also featured. In addition Mr. Carle shares his collage tissue paper technique that he uses to create his illustrations. Several illustrations from his picture books are displayed in the book.

(3) Critical Analysis
An enjoyable treasure, The Art of Eric Carle, contains an autobiography, articles of colleagues’ reflections, and personal photographs. The reader is treated to photographs of Eric Carle’s life and family as well as some of his early professional artwork before he became involved in picture books. Mr. Carle’s Where Do Ideas Come From speech is both magical and touching, “Some ideas come from the outside, and other ideas come from your inside.” To him all experiences both good and bad are dabs of color that form the picture of both his work and his life. The autobiography while fascinating seems rather truncated which leaves the reader searching for more. An expanded autobiography would have benefited this book greatly. One could spend hours staring at the brilliant artwork. The illustrations are the heart of the book.

(4) Review Except(s)
Booklist Review: “Carle is one of the most beloved illustrators of children’s books.”

Kirkus Review: “An agreeable overview of Carle’s life and work, a consideration of the genesis of his ideas…”

(5) Connections
* Have children paint and texture tissue paper.

* Have children, as a class, create a collage poster.

* Read a few of Eric Carle’ books to the class:
Carle, Eric. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. ISBN 0-399-25190-1
Carle, Eric. Do You Want To Be My Friend? ISBN 0-7587-8917-3
Carle, Eric. Eric Carle’s Treasury Of Classic Stories For Children. ISBN 0-590-50213-1

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